Weekly Want: Dr. Scholl's Original Sandal

Dr. Scholl's original sandal

Photo from Dr. Scholl's

On the subway this morning, sitting across from me was a woman in a pretty dress and Dr. Scholl's Original Sandals.

I've been on the hunt for some sensible shoes under $50 for most of the summer. I'm a heels girl, but I'm pregnant and the heels just aren't working out despite my best efforts.

And of course, it took me until the end of summer to sit near a girl wearing the perfect shoe!


Dr. Scholl's are classic, still have a little height, and are a great price -- $40. They will go with just about everything and have no straps at the ankle, which I love. (And need right now...hello swollen pregnancy ankles.)

Is it too late in the season to buy these? I can still wear sandals for at least two more months here in NYC right?

What do you think of the classic Dr. Scholl's?

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