Should the First Lady Have to Dress More Formally than the Rest of Us?

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Should the First Lady always have to dress

up when she flies?

Michelle Obama has been getting lots of praise for her fresh sophisticated style. She even topped Vanity Fair's 2009 International Best-Dressed List. Her husband made the list too—despite the "mom jeans" he was mocked for wearing to a baseball game last month.


And now, it seems, the First Lady has finally made a fashion faux pas—at least according to some fashion critics.

Mrs. Obama was photographed emerging from Air Force One wearing a pair of moss-colored cotton shorts. She was on her way to hike around Grand Canyon with her family, and she looked perfectly fine—like any of us would for a hike. But Michelle Obama's shorts have been criticized because she is not like us. Obama is the First Lady of the United States and some think she should not dress so casually or show so much leg.

Robin Givhan of the Washington Post says, "She gets the fancy jet. She has to dress for the ride."

Click here to see the photo of Michelle Obama and her questionable shorts.


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