DIY Bra Strap Headband

Have a few pre-pregnancy bras lying around that you never wear anymore? How about one or two where the underwire has poked through that are too painful to wear? Well, then this bra strap headband project is for you!


The Object Project has step-by-step instructions for making a cute headband out of bra straps. Here's how to do it, in a nutshell:

  1. Clip off the bra straps; cut them off below where the adjustment part is.
  2. Wrap the strap around your head to make sure that it is long enough. If not, remove the part in the back where the bra clips and sew this onto the strap to lengthen it.
  3. Sew the two ends together. You can repeat with the other strap to create that layered look. Or sew the straps together, end to end, and correct the fit with the slide adjustment.
  4. Add embellishments, such as vintage buttons or a satin flower (as shown above).

Visit The Object Project for helpful how-to photos if you're having trouble picturing each step.

Have you ever made a headband out of bra straps?

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