The Fall Fashion Issues: Do You Indulge?

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Photo by Cafe Sheri

I have to admit sitting down with the the big fat fall fashion issues of Vogue, Elle, and InStyle magazines is one of my favorite things to do in August.

Add a dark chocolate bar, and it's pure heaven.


I can't wait to see what we can expect for fall fashion this year.

I love the fashion industry's artful creativity and find it very inspiring. Obviously, a lot of the clothes don't fit my budget, but there are usually plenty of usable looks and style ideas from which to steal too. This fall, I'm in the market for some new boots, and I love to see creative ways of layering and bringing back vintage-inspired looks.

Can't wait to get an hour on the couch with these hefty mags.

What about you? Do you indulge in the popular and thick September Fall Fashion issues? What are you looking forward to with fall fashion?

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