Threading -- My Favorite Way to Remove Body Hair

Watch the video if you don't know what threading is. As you'll see, it's a form of body hair removal involving two strands of sewing thread tightly wound around the hair shaft and yanked out by the roots. It's practiced in India and other eastern countries, but has found it's way here. And it's become my new favorite way to tweeze my eyebrows.


I've always hated tweezing my dark brows. I attempted waxing once ... ouchie, never again. The idea of hot wax in such a sensitive area terrifies me, and I can't imagine it's all that good for the ultra fragile eye skin.

Unfortunately, I'm a very poor tweezer. I can never get both brows to look exactly the same; one always comes out a little fuller than the other, or one arch just a tad too angular.

What I like is that they "thread" a little at a time, a couple ofhairs here and a couple there, slowly working at getting the right shape. This prevents over-tweezing. You need to find a good threader, though. I've noticed when a different person does my brows they can come out different or off.

And, yes, it does hurt a little. If you're super sensitive to pain this might not be for you. But the threader works fast; it feels like little stings or shocks from several bunches of hair coming out at once.

Best part ... so cheap. It costs me $6 to thread my brows every three weeks or so. I often tweeze the strays in between to stretch out the duration even longer, only returning when I start to lose the shape.



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Have you tried threading ... would you? How do you tweeze your brows to get that perfect shape?

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