Feel Pretty Today!

Photo by JayGirlsMom

Rainy days always make me feel ugly. My hair frizzes, I have to be mindful of what shoes I choose or my feet will get wet, and I just feel yucky...you know what I mean?

I interviewed NASCAR mom Kelley Earnhardt Elledge (Dale Jr.'s sister) once and she told me that she always puts on a dress when she needs her mood to be lifted...especially on a rainy day. I took her advice today and it worked!


JayGirlsMom had to be feeling pretty when this photo was taken. That's a really cute dress that seems comfortable, too. Effortless beauty!

I also saw bellasrose71008's question asking CafeMoms what are the simple things you do to make yourself feel pretty. KnoxvilleDoula says bubble baths work for her. She also suggests getting rid of things in your closet that don't fit. Great advice! It's cleansing!

MommaWoods' answer made me giggle. She says a shower and a shave, and put on some cute sweats. You can get some cute comfy sweats that make you look like you went to the gym, even if you sat on the couch all day. LOL!

I totally agree with drowninginboys and pnwmom when they say that a cute pair of undies does the trick. A fresh coat of bold red lipstick makes me feel pretty, too.

So what does it for you? What do you put on or do to make yourself feel pretty?

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