Long White Earrings: Gotta Have Them!

long white earrings

Photo from Anthropologie

I want these earrings. They are part art deco with a touch of native American and I love that they are white and long.

Problem is...I can't afford them.


These Sheathed Teardrop Earrings from Anthropologie are $98. So I set out to find a similar and more affordable pair.

And I found these Garden Window in Silver Filigree and Pearl Drop Earrings for $22 from liliswan! They are more on the art deco side, but you can't beat that price.


long white earrings

Photo from liliswan

While on Etsy, I also came across these White Tusk Earrings from maryjanefrances for $35. Wow -- love these, too.

tusk earrings

Photo from maryjanefrances

Now I just have to decide on which ones to buy. Which long white earrings are your favorite?

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