How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?


how often do you wash your hairI know you're not supposed to wash your hair every day—because daily washing can strip your hair of its natural oils. But my hair gets really greasy if I don't, especially now that I'm sporting short bangs.

Just the other day at the grocery store, the cashier looked at me and said, "Oh, I didn't realize it was raining outside."

Yeah, definitely no rain in sight; in fact, it was a cloudless, sun-shiny day. That was just a case of my hair's grease working overtime...gross, right?

So, in an effort to not confuse people I come into contact with about the weather, I resumed daily hair washing. But I'm concerned that this is causing my hair to be dry, brittle, and a little flat. Do you know what I mean?

If I'm going to keep this up, I should probably try a daily shampoo like Kiehl's All Sport Every Day Shampoo ($15.50), or Shikai Natural Everyday Shampoo ($6.49 from Someone even told me that baby shampoo would be good for daily washing because it's so mild.

How often do you wash your hair?


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nonmember avatar Haley Ackles

i used to have the same problem. the reason why your hair gets greasy so fast, is because your scalp is dry and your skin is producing more oil then normal. i would suggest doing onces a week deep conditioning. I would recommened doing this on days you do not have anything planned, as it might cause your hair to get greasy faster but it is good. also, if you can, try washing your hair every other day, and in between washes just wash your bangs in the sink. something else that works really good, is sprinkling baby powder in your hair, it reduces oil. there is shampoos that is specially made for your hair type, just check out your local salon, they have great products. good luck :)

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