How to Wear a Fedora


Expert stylist Suki Duggan, from the Donsuki Townhouse Salon on the Upper East Side in NYC, is here today to talk about how to rock the fedora.


The fedora look has become a fashion staple over the past year and as the weather starts to cools down, the fedora will once again re-emerge stronger than ever.

You can wear a fedora with pretty much anything. Just keep in mind that fedoras have a slightly masculine edge and that the way you style your hair under a fedora is especially important to maintain your femininity.

Many women just plunk a hat on top of their everyday hairstyle. Without much thought to their hair, this will create an unflattering effect, especially if you have long or full hair. With a fedora, there are two different avenues you can take:

  • If you want a laid back look, wear your hair down but a little messy. The softness of your hair with the angles of the hat make a great pairing.  
  • For a sultry look, drawn hair back into a ponytail or bun underneath the fedora. This puts the focus your face and creates a very sexy look. I love this look for night.

Thanks for the fedora tips, Suki!

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