How to Cover Headbands With Ribbon

Ladies, let's liven up those dull hair accessories that blend into our hair with a little pop of color, shall we? We shall with May Arts' easy DIY tutorial on how to cover headbands with ribbon.


Let's start out with something that's quick and easy. Here's how to spiral wrap a headband with ribbon:

  1. Cut ribbon about twice as long as the band.
  2. Coat both sides of band with permanent glue stick.
  3. Begin wrapping on the inside at one end.
  4. Continue tightly wrapping on angle to other end, pressing into the glue coating.
  5. Fold under raw end of ribbon.
  6. Use a few stitches to secure ribbons that cover the ends of the band.

Check out the May Arts link to see how to get the other lovely looks in the top photo, including how to make the attached flowers—love them!

Do you wrap your headbands with ribbon?

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