40s Vintage is Beautiful

vintage 40s skirt

Photo from fabgals

My favorite kind of shopping is vintage shopping. Though I do find joy in any kind of shopping -- it's my sport.

Last year, I had an event to attend and I was looking for a full 40s vintage skirt that I wanted to wear with a simple black fitted tank top. And I couldn't find one anywhere -- well actually I found one, but it was a gazillion bucks, so that wasn't happening.

Lo and behold, I'm snooping around Etsy vintage today and I find this Taffeta Ruffles Vintage 40s High Waist Circle Skirt from fabgabs for $65.


This happens to me a lot -- I have my mind set on getting something, and when I try to find it I can't. And then I find it, months and months later.

What a gorgeous skirt! I love this look -- so dramatic and feminine and instantly fancy even if you wore it with a cotton tee.

Do you like vintage 40s style?

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