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It's no secret I love jewelry. All kinds. Costume, fancy stuff -- love it all. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a monogrammed necklace. I don't own one, I just want one. And I really want this one by Kacey K (who just joined CafeMom by the way -- she's Kaceyk66)!

I also love that this mom of three (Jake is 14, Remi is 12, and Mick is 8) is a jewelry designer who designs with family in mind. It's no wonder the pieces are so precious. Kacey and I had a little chat....


How do you do it all with three kids? Any secrets?

It's a constant balancing act! Juggling kids, being a good wife, and running my business requires a lot of organization. The only secret I might have is, have LOTS of patience! It's essential to my everyday.

How do your kids inspire your collection?

Keeping my children close to my heart was the inspiration for my entire collection. Every piece has a significant meaning. They celebrate so many memories that I have created with my husband. To the birth of each child to present day, all of pieces are reminders of my blessed life.

Do any of your kids have a favorite piece?

My boys love when I wear their initials. My daughter has so many different pieces that I designed for her, that she tries to wear them all at once!

What's your favorite piece and why?

My favorite piece for my daughter is, from my latest collection, the key I made with her initials on them. My personal favorite are my double necklaces. Double layered necklaces that add for a choker and pendant in one. I have Peace and Love ones made right now and on special order you can personalize them with any words or monograms. These pieces are my most unique and funky to date.

kacey k

Kacey K and family

Love it all! All Kacey K's pieces are either white gold, rose gold, or green gold and prices start at $200 -- they are truly special occasion pieces, and are on my gift list (in case my husband is asking).

Visit for more info and where to buy.

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