Dress Your Age Not Your Shoe Size

There are "rules" in fashion like don't wear white after Labor Day, never wear socks with sandals, and panty lines should never be visible. I'm sticking with the socks and VPL rule, but I think white can be worn anytime you want. Style is best pulled off with confidence, but even the most confident can stumble if they dress like a little kid. So what is age appropriate dressing when so many rules are made to be broken? And how much do rules change when we become mothers or as we get older?


There was an anonymous question posted on CafeMom asking: Do you think it is appropriate to wear skirts after 40? I say, of course it is! But I do think the length of the skirt is key. And if you're going to go short, opage tights will help you not feel naked. Crystal1124 says it best. "Just because you're 40 doesn't mean you stopped being a woman."

The group 40 + And Fabulous Moms! would certainly agree. Geezemarie posed a question to that group asking: What should you be allowed to wear if you're over 40? along with some suggestions on how to dress for your age and body type. HealthyMom62 thinks belly tops and Paris Hilton-type minis are out of the question...and I'm totally with her on that.

Even some under 40 moms feel they can't wear skirts or dress sexy, but remember there is a difference between sexy and inappropriate.

Has the way you dress changed a lot since becoming a mother?


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