In Search of: The Perfect Vintage Handbag

handbasket handbagvintage handbag

(photos from Dear Golden)

It's my grandma's fault. And both my great aunts. They had the cutest handbags! And now I'm obsessed with vintage-style purses.


I always love a good basket-style purse, and ohhh, how I adore a nice top metal clasp. *Click* Sigh. And don't get me started on boxy purses or old luggage. Swoon!

Currently, I'm looking for a casual purse that will fit my camera (I take it everywhere), wallet, and new iPhone. I'd love a nice color like the emerald green one above, but I really love grey this season too. So I'm keeping my eye out for just the right one.

And while I love to scour flea markets and eBay for such handbags, life does not always allow the time (not my daylight life anyway). I like to keep an eye out online too.

My favorite vintage Etsy stores for finding handbags:

What kind of purse, handbag, or tote are you currently carrying or are you?

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