Cute As a Button Charm Bracelet

Buttoned-up style has never been so fun. I love how Sew-Mad repurposed these fabric-covered buttons into a darling DIY charm bracelet. I bet your daughters would love to make this with you!


Here's how to make your own Button Charm Bracelet:

You will need: Buttons with shanks (a.k.a. the little loop on the back of the button); Small pliers; Chain bracelet with closure; and Jump rings.

  1. Open a jump ring with the pliers.
  2. Attach a button to the jump ring (by looping the ring through the shank).
  3. Hook the jump ring with button to your bracelet.
  4. Close the jump ring with pliers.
  5. Repeat until all buttons are attached to your bracelet.

I always work better with a visual. Sew-Mad has great step-by-step photos to help you along. (Just be sure to click the "View This in English" box at the top of the page.)

Do you make your own jewelry?

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