10 Hairstyles Always in Style

Ashley Olsen hair

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Everett Collection courtesy of InStyle

Michelle Obama hair

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Hair. Love it. Hate it. Love it when it does what it's supposed to, but hate it when it doesn't cooperate. But they key is always the hairstyle, right? Whether it's long or short, curly or straight, pulled back or let loose -- it's how you wear it that gives it style.

InStyle magazine named the 10 Hairstyles That Are Always in Style...


Michelle Obama's flip made the list -- the look made famous by Mary Tyler Moore. The First Lady wears it with less flip and more layers.

Ashley Olsen's bob did, too -- but it's been updated since Molly Ringwald rocked the look in the 80s. Now it's choppy and longer in the front.

Did your hairstyle make InStyle's top 10 list?

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