Colored Mascara: Do You Use It?

colored mascara

Photo from Sephora/Bourjois Maxi Frange Maximum Length And Volume Mascara, $9.50

I see colored mascaras on the shelves in drugstores and always have the urge to try it but then I chicken out and go with my go-to black.


An anonymous mom wanted to add a little dash of color to her lashes and was wondering what color of mascara she should use for her dark brown eyes.

beachmom0703 suggests plum: "I work for Clinique and highly recommend plums for dark brown eyes. It looks amazing but not too shocking or crazy!"

I use Almay makeup products and they have a special line called Intense i-color that pairs shadows and mascaras with certain eye colors. Apparently my blue eyes would look best with a blue sapphire color on my lashes. Maybe I'll brave up next time and try it.

Do you use colored mascara or do you stick with black/brown? What color of eyes do you have and what color looks best on you?

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