Clipa Keeps Your Bag Off the Floor


Photo from Clipa

I don't like putting my handbag on the side of chair in restaurants unless I'm against the wall. I'm worried about my bag being stolen.

So where does it often go? On the floor between my feet.

Not the cleanest of spots.

Someone thought about this and invented the Clipa, a hook to keep your bag off the floor!


This circular clip is three-inches in diameter and has non-slip grips on each end, allowing your bag to hang from a table without slipping off. 

Some say you can even wear it as a bracelet, then clip off and onto ledge when you need it.

Maybe the best place to use it is in a public bathroom, when there is no hook to hang your bag. I know I could have used it quite a few times on a recent road trip!

The Clipa is comes in polished silver or gold, or brushed
gold or hematite (gunmetal) for $24.95.

What do you think of the Clipa? Must have?


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