Pretty Mama? Who Me?

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I know, I know, we have big, wonderful brains, and we're not really supposed to worry so much about our looks. Well, sorry folks. Here it is straight from a smart woman: the other day someone said I looked "pretty," and it made my friggin' day.

Has this happened to you lately? I mean, especially as busy as we moms get and as haggard-looking as we feel running these kids all around, sometimes getting noticed even in a tiny way can mean a lot.


Recently, CafeMom Ladyhawk04 left this comment on a post in Daily Buzz:

"I have fallen in love with a short nightgown I bought and finally wore! I am a plus-sized woman, so thought it wouldn't look that flattering. But the colors were so bright, cheery, and summery (pinks, oranges) and buttery soft that I bought it. I put it on and wow, I really look cute in it! My husband even said so! Now I wear them almost every night.  They feel so soft and sexy and that's a feeling I haven't felt in a long time--sexy!"

Oh know what she's saying, right, ladies? Sometimes it feels mighty good to look mighty good.

Ladyhawk04's new sleepwear is Gilligan & O'Malley, similar to the ones shown above (sounds like she scored some brighter colors though). It's funny, too, because I just bought one of these chemises about a month ago, and my husband was like "wow!" because I never wear anything so pretty to bed. And wow, they are so comfy and cool for summer sleeping!

Also, Ladyhawk04 adds, "I think the secret to these chemises is that they feel so slinky. They are comfortable but pretty. They aren't tight but are more swirly, so they aren't too loose either! They feel and look very expensive."

I love it. I love when something simple — whether it's a new nightgown, a note from a friend, a new haircut, a new poem written, or a new pillow for your office — makes a mom's day. Because we deserve to have our days made, probably way more often than we get them made!

(Photos from Target)

What makes you feel pretty or otherwise makes your day?

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