What Color Do You Wear the Most?

color you wear most

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color you wear most

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If I thought about this question -- what color do I wear the most -- without looking into my closet or drawers, I would say black. It looks great and goes with everything. But since I've been packing my clothes for a move, I realized I wear a lot of prints. 

I had no idea I was a print person. Whatever the heck that means.


I think something happened a few months ago when I had to put an end to buying black clothes. I'd see a top or dress offered in many colors, but I'd always buy the black one. I must have subconsciously realized that I needed some variety.

But still, if you ask me an opinion on what color to buy and black or a dark color is in the mix, I will probably always prefer the darkest color. (My cat like this too -- he's a white long-haired cat and loves to lay on black clothes. One of the downfalls for me owning so many dark colors.)

My favorite thing about black clothes is that you can jazz them up with jewelry and you can wear fun shoes in colors like red or even a print and it always matches.

What about you? What color do you wear the most?

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