Is it Bad When Your Bra Strap Shows?

bra strap showing solution

Photo from American Apparel

My friend Jenn and Leila don't mind if their bra straps show. In fact, they sometimes like it when it shows if it's a colorful bra -- something that becomes part of the outfit.

They both sometimes wear a bathing suit top instead if a top isn't bra-friendly. It doesn't even have to be same color.

And here I am worried about matching my bra straps to my clothes.


This copper bra from American Apparel would look great peeking out of some tops.

Of course, if you don't like the look, you can always invest in those gadgets that help you hide your bra straps.

What do you think of showing off your bra (or bikini) straps? Trashy or cool?


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