How Many Bras Do You Own?


how many bras do you ownMy sister, Kristin, is a lingerie expert and has written in Daily Buzz about how to find the right bra size, how to care for your bras, nursing bras, and what to do if your breasts are different sizes.

Today, she tells us what every woman's "bra wordrobe" should include...

I worked in the lingerie industry for many years, and during that time I spent a lot of time selling lingerie on the floor of a large department store and fitting women for bras. It always amazed me how confused women were about what types of bras they should look for and how many bras they should own. Some women owned only one bra and wore it every single day. Others had several "sexy" bras that didn't unfortunately didn't offer any type of support.

You may be surprised to learn that you need three bras in your bra wardrobe. It's an investment, sure, but remember that you will look and feel better by allocating each bras to their specific purpose and in the end save money by switching up your bras and letting the others "rest". Here are the three types I always recommend (and for the new mommies out there, you will most likely want to swap one of these out for a nursing bra):

Everyday Bra: This is the bra that you will wear the majority of the time. Therefore, this bra should be comfortable and preferably a shade of nude that is similar to your skin tone. That's right, ladies: Get rid of those white bras. White, if worn underneath a white or other light-colored shirt, will be seen because it is a different shade from your body. Nude bras, however, are invisible because they blend in with your body. Recommended: Natori Foundations Memory Underwire Contour Bra ($52) or Bali Concealers Underwire Bra ($34).

Sports Bra: Wearing your everyday bra as a sports bra can be uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that your everyday bra will wear out more quickly. Because a sports bra is generally worn when doing physical activity that is more strenuous than day-to-day movements, finding a sports bra that has extra support will help to reduce pain that might occur during exercise due to some additional bounce. Recommended: Natori Foundations Cotton Blend Underwire Sports Bra ($48) or Lily of France Underwire Sports Bra ($29).

Strapless Bra: It will serve your wardrobe well to own a bra that you can wear with your sleeveless shirts or any other top or dress in which your bra straps could be visible underneath your clothing. Take care to ensure that the fit on your strapless bra is especially secure around your rib cage—you do not want this to fall down! Recommended: Wacoal Strapless Underwire ($50) or  Ambrielle Smooth Revolution Convertible Strapless ($17.99).

How many bras do you own?

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jennm... jennmarie77

3??? You only need 3?  really?

I don't do sports bras.  None of the ones I've found in my price range have enough support.

I have at least 5, but I think it's more, but some are just for around the house wear because they don't lift very well.


rebec... rebecca_tal4

i have several everyday bras so i dont have to wear the same one every day and two push up bras... and no sports bras! i love my boobs and dont want to sport a uni-boob with a sports bra :)

raind... raindiamonds

My bra has support,but I prolly have about three of them but just the support bra.

festival festival

i own about 8 good bras that really give my golden bronze peaches  good support.

griff... griffismommy

At the moment, I have one!  I had two but the backup one broke!  I really need some new ones!

sodapple sodapple

Omg lol, good thing you asked, i told hubby 2 days ago that i needed undewear, top and bottom, not including thongs =-/ and the conversation came because i wore again (clean) pink panther panties, he hates them so i told him "i need new  my age underwear" lol =-)

Roman... RomansMommy0108

I have 2 everday ones but they have underwire and im nursing so i cant wear them much and then I have one sports on thats a little too tight and a few of the ones that llook like tank tops cut in half that you can buy like a 3 pack of for 10 bucks and I have 2 nursing ones but Im sooo not used to m new huge boobs adn all bras are uncomfy..and If I dont wear one like around the house the girls sag far more then Id like

Kamar... Kamarias_mommy

one... just one.... i need to go buy a new one cuz i have had this 1 for a year now....

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I own 5 bras. 3 of them are from vs and the other 2 are from playtex.

nonmember avatar Allison

I own seven. I own a support bra. Moreover I clean up every six months and add different styles of bras.

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