A Two-Piece Bathing Suit I Could Love

two-piece bathing suit, bikini, yellowtwo-piece bathing suit, bikini, blacktwo-piece bathing suit, bikini

I like a bathing suit with a roomy bottom. Happy to see these two-piece beauties (via Daily Candy) from Wreck n' Sew, a.k.a. San Francisco-based designer Danielle Henschel.


I just bought a tankini bathing suit at Target. I was in a hurry so I bought three bottoms to try on at home and planned to take two back. I tried all the bottoms and chose the ones I liked best. Of course, they were the roomiest ones.

When I went to remove the tags, I realized the ones I liked were from the maternity line. Whoops. Oh well... I kept them anyway.

So about those roomy bottoms. I'm in love with the cut on these Wreck n' Sew two-piece, high-waisted bathing suits from Light Vision. They're so vintage sexy with just enough coverage for the rearview and the lower arena. Oh, that rust-colored suit pleases me to no end. Yessss...

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