Turquoise Sunglasses: Do You Like the Trend?

turquoise sunglasses

Photo from Wet Seal

White Stripe Sunglass, $7.50

Celebrities including Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, and Mischa Barton have been sporting super bright turquoise sunglasses this season. (You can check out the photos here at People.com.)

They probably paid a pretty penny for theirs, but here are some stylish cool blue shades that are more affordable.


Photo from Wet Seal

Ombre Sunglass, $3


Photo from Buy.com

Full Tilt Thunderbird Neon Sunglasses, $12


Photo from Polyvore

Turquoise Large Plastic Frame Sunglasses, $37


What do you think of the turquoise sunglass trend? Do you wear colored sunglasses?

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