Obama's Mom Jeans...Or Dad Jeans?

obama's mom jeans

Photo By Jamie Squire/Getty

President Obama is probably used to critics attacking his policies. But his fashion sense? That's a new one.

The President has been endlessly mocked all over the Internet for wearing baggy jeans when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the All-Star Game in St. Louis. Some fashionistas are calling his outfit...wait for it..."Mom jeans."

Frankly, I think that term is ridiculous. My dad wears much worse jeans than my mom ever did—the wash was always uncool, the legs were always a little too short. (Sorry, Dad, it's true.) Don't get me started about the cutoffs...

So it seems to me that President Obama was just being a typical dad wearing his typical dad jeans. Why do we have to bring moms into it?


Why does no one ever make fun of "Dad jeans?"



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