Must-Have Rhinestone Necklace

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I love everything at Free People the way Cafe Cynthia loves everything at J.Crew -- it's like they make everything just for me and every time I get the catalog I am left dreaming of what I can buy...and wondering when it's going on sale.

And they also make great accessories and costume jewelry. I am currently in love with this necklace.


I am on a clothing buy freeze right now -- do not need -- but jewelry is always good to perk up that three-year-old dress that still does the trick.

The Falling Rhinestone Choker ($28 in black or white) is my current must-have. It's soft around the neck with a satin tie and you can make it a choker or wear it loose. Three strands of rhinestones and two fabric strands hang low.

It also looks pretty from the back, especially when wearing a tube top.

Do you have a must-have right now?

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