Vintage Find: Cameos

vintage cameo

Photo from TurquoiseHeaven

vintage cameo

Photo from Jtumaco











Ive always loved the cameo -- it reminds me of when I was just a little girl looking through my grandma's jewelry box. She would let me try things on and wear them around her house. Her room was always scented like powder and in her gems, I felt so glamorous...even as a kid.

Cameo jewelry reminds me of her. It's elegant and feminine and screams vintage chic. So I did some hunting and found these pretty and inexpensive cameos.


Above is a Vintage White and Black Cameo Pendant ($12) from TurquoiseHeaven -- love it's simplicity. And also a turquoise gem framed Vintage Cameo Brooch with Rhinestones ($10.50) from Jtumaco.

vintage cameo

Photo from The Pickers

vintage cameo

Photo from cbonifati










I love bold rings and this Vintage Beautiful Cameo Ring ($10) from The Pickers really pretty. I want to make a necklace out of this elegant brooch -- Lovely Silhouette ($10) from cbonifati.

vintage cameo

Photo from LadyFran

Most dramatic is the gorgeous Vintage Unique Cameo and Flowers Necklace ($11.95) from LadyFran. I love wearing pieces like this with jeans and a tee too dress it up.

Do you have cameo jewelry? Which one of these is your favorite?

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