DIY Aloe Vera Solution for Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

hair, de-frizz, smooth, shinyI was making my regular rounds in the Green Organic Natural Simple Living group (love that group!) and came across one mom's DIY aloe vera solution for dry, frizzy hair.


CBMMOM writes:

"I got sunburned a couple weeks ago and made great discovery. I made a spritz for my sunburned face to keep it from peeling. I also sprayed some in my hair because my scalp was burned too at the part.

To my surprise, my hair was soft and shiny and amazingly frizz free. It works on wet or dry hair. I made some for my friend who has very thick hair. She loves it. She stopped buying the expensive junk trying to control her hair. BTW, my hair is very fine. It makes your skin softer too.

Anyway, all it is aloe vera juice and a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. You can buy the aloe vera juice at Walmart for about $7 a gallon. Great price!!! Essential oils are sold at health food stores or the grocery store in the organics and natural food area. Also, there are a lot of good deals online, like at Puritan's Pride."

Wow, that's so easy and cheap too!!!

And I believe in the powers of aloe vera! I got a really bad sunburn on my forehead the weekend before my best friend's wedding, in which I was to be maid of honor. The sunburn was so bad that it scabbed over! I started applying aloe vera right away, and it was miraculously healed for the wedding.

Thanks for the hair tip, CBMMOM!

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