Dr. Hauschka's Natural Makeup Line

natural makeupA long time ago, I was given products from Dr. Hauschka's skin care line -- face wash and moisturizer -- and I loved them. They are a little pricey, so I didn't replenish stock when I used it all up, but I have occasionally splurged.

Dr. Hauschka has a holistic approach with all his products, using plant extracts and no artificial preservatives. And that goes for the makeup, too. I didn't know there was such an extensive line!


Actually, instead of calling it makeup, it's called decorative cosmetics and they offer just about everything you need.

I tested out the Volume Mascara ($29.95) and Eyeshadow ($19.95) and both are fantastic. I love that something I am putting so close to my eyes doesn't have chemicals, but yes, it's expensive.

What do you think about natural cosmetics? Worth the splurge? What is your favorite brand?

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