Weekend Lust List: Unique Style & Easy Beauty

Photo by LuminousMom

Is it just me or did this week fly by? I wish I had some exciting plans, but each weekend I've dedicated one day to clean a room in my house...a thorough clean. I did the bedroom last weekend and donated two bags of clothes to the Salvation Army! This weekend, it's time to go through the bathroom. I've got expired beauty products that need to be tossed. What about you? Do you have a ton of stuff you never use just taking up space? All of it got me thinking about products with multi-uses. 


LuminousMom makes this adorable felt Wise Owl ($8) that can be an air freshener, part of a headband, or a hair or clothing pin. She makes them in the shape of a bird's nest and a flower, too...I just adore owls! I'm also loving Revolution Organics all-over body balm ($28 from Beauty.com). It has over 22 uses and fits in the palm of my hand! Yep! It's a lip balm that can tame unruly eyebrows, moisturize dry hands, cracked elbows, prevent stretch marks, and even fights free radicals! Say what? All that and it has a fresh lemon-y scent.

Now these items are multi-purpose in that they make you crave them...to eat and to wear. Sure, we won't be munching on 14K Gold Tiny Treats ($50 each from Fred Flare), but these cupcake and pretzel necklaces are sweet.

Don't want to splurge that much on a treat? The Golden Saltine Necklace from EmilyEJewelry is just $24!

Get your DD involved in fashion accessories. CafeMom JerseyFabulous makes adorable Orange and Brown Velvet Fall Hair Blooms Clips ($3.50 each) that are they perfect addition to an autumn outfit. 

Great stuff, right?

So, I'll be cleaning and trying to catch up on sleep! What's going on with you this weekend?

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