Getting Rid of Panty Lines: No Thong? No Problem!

The answers to the question of how do you get rid of panty lines without a thong absolutely cracked me up. Never before have I seen such creative—and, let's face it, genius—solutions for avoiding visible underpants...

  • Admckenzie: This is why pantyhose and girdles still rock in my book!
  • Motherofanaries: If you're not too comfortable with thongs, you can go with the boy shorts. Depending on where they sit on your butt, they're way less noticeable, especially the lacy ones. They just have to fit right.
  • Beachmamaof2: Victoria's Secret has panties that are called "No Lines." They're made with SUPER thin material.
  • Admckenzie: I have a slinky nightgown that I second as a slip. If you have one of those, that might work, or a long tank top, if you can get away with that.
  • Anonymous: No Line wedgie-free panties. I bought a pair for an arm and a leg at Victoria's Secret and they were OK. Then I bought a cheap pair at Walmart and they rocked!

And my all-time favorite answer to the question of how do you get rid of panty lines without a thong...drum roll, please...

  • Anonymous: Self-inflicted wedgie with the panties you are wearing. LOL!

Yikes! Would that even work? Sounds painful. How do you get rid of panty lines?

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