Stop Stealing My Style!

fashion copycats

I love your dress!

I had a roommate who used to copy everything I wore. If I got a pair of funky new jeans, she'd run out and buy them; if I got a vintage suede jacket, she'd go out and replicate it as best she could (for example, she'd get a new suede jacket of the same color). My mom would say that I should take it as a compliment and be flattered, but it just made me crazy.


For me, fashion is a way of expressing myself and who I am. Being a "fashion twinsie" makes me physically and psychologically uncomfortable. So much so, that if I had twins of the same gender, I wouldn't dress them alike.

I haven't had someone "Single White Female" me to the extent that my old roommate did for quite some time, but now I'm facing a different—though similar—problem. There's a woman in my (very small) town who's trying to dress her kid like my daughter. Again, I'm not so cool with it.

If I buy my daughter something in a certain brand, she'll ask me what it is and run out and buy the whole line. So I avoid it like the plague. When she senses that I think the brand is no longer cool, she tries to find out what "label" my daughter is wearing. Once, she even asked my daughter (who was 12 months old at the time), "Where did your mommy buy you that?" I'm tempted to start ripping out tags.

All I can say is ARGH! I don't know how to get over this, take it as a compliment, and move on. I'm worried this kid (via her mother) is going to be copying my daughter's style for the next 15 years.

And that's not where it ends. The fashion stalker isn't just interested in my kid's clothes any more—she's interested in mine. I had coffee with her this morning and she was wearing an outfit a little too similar to one I had worn last week.

How do you feel about fashion copycats? Got any words of wisdom to impart?


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