Shoes for When Your Feet Hurt

spare soles shoesI love heels -- wear them every day. But when I'm in the office, I take them off so I'm more comfortable. And I only wear my comfy slippers in the house. I've been meaning to bring in a pair of flip flops just to have handy at work so I'm not barefoot, but now I found something better -- Spare Soles, portable flats!

Hello perfect invention!


Created by a woman (Andrea Padilla) who loves heels (just like me), Spare Soles look like ballet slippers, but can crumple up and fit in the palm of your hand. Padilla's idea was born after one too many barefoot moments after the pain endured from uncomfortable shoes. Oh do I understand that!

They have a waterproof and skid-proof sole, so if your feet are killing you, just slip into these and wear outside. And they come in a little bag so you can store in your purse for emergencies.

Feet relief!

They come in quite a few colors and pricing starts at $15.

You can purchase Spare Soles online here or email or call 858-354-1160 to get info on a retail store near you.

What shoes do you run to when your feet hurt? What do you think of Spare Soles?

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