Play with Color: Liven Up Your Wardrobe

color coordinate wardrobe

Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage courtesy of InStyle

I'm a basic dresser, meaning I don't play with color too much mostly because, well, it hurts my head to think about if I'm getting it right or not.

My friend Leila is a color master. She is also a fashion designer, so it makes total sense. She wore an emerald green dress to our friend's wedding with purple-ish fuchsia shoes and it was the perfect combination.

Luckily our friends at InStyle magazine offered up an easy guide on 9 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Pop.


If you love navy and white, as seen on Kiera Knightley, InStyle suggests pairing it with one of these four brights -- purple, green, yellow, or fuschia.

If you love stone and gray, as seen on Leighton Meester, try wearing it with muted lavender, peach, pink, or blue.


Leighton Meester color pairings

Photo by Albert Michael/Startraks courtesy of InStyle

Love khaki and olive? Try pairing it with hot earth tones like Jessica Biel. Orange, forest green, bright yellow, and wine look amazing as an accent color.

Jessica Biel color pairing

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty courtesy of InStyle

Check out InStyle's other suggestions on great color pairings.

I really love these looks! Which one is your favorite pairing?

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