5 Tips to Get The Haircut You Want

haircut tipsHave you ever gone into a salon with a magazine tear-out of the type of haircut you wanted, only to come out looking no where what you had in mind? I know I have.


Thankfully WomensDay.com has put together tips from the country's best hairstylists for getting the look that you want. I mean, it's your money and your hair, right? You deserve to be satisfied.

  • Stalk Your Stylist
    The best way to ensure you get a good haircut? Make sure you’re going to a good stylist. Do your homework, whether it from searching for their rep online or through friends.
  • Don’t Get Too Hung Up on a Magazine Photo
    Yes, it helps to have an "idea" of what you want, but that's just it, an idea. Those models in magazines have more than likely had their hair styled for hours, and that could cause a cut to look completely different. Talk to your stylist about the type of cut it is, and listen to his/her suggestions.
  • Don't Read the Magazines
    I'm super guilty of this, I mean, you get so bored just sitting there! But it's important to keep your head nice and straight.
  • Don’t Micromanage Your Hairstylist
    People love to complain about overly chatty stylists, but overly talkative clients can be even more problematic, at least when it comes to getting a good haircut. If you have questions about your 'do then ask before the the snipping.
  • Don’t Just Say, “About Three Inches”
    This can be left open for interpretation, and that's never good. Be specific, visually showing them is your best bet. Also, refrain from using terms like "bob," "choppy," or "blunt" unless you have a photo to go along with your description.

These are such great tips, and for more great tips on getting the hairstyle you want, be sure to check out their website.

What's your worst bad haircut experience?

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