Jeans: What Color Is Your Denim?

Levi's black jeans, colorMartin   Osa jeans, distressed, light color


Well, as of today, it looks like 45% of you do *NOT* care for bright-colored jeans. So when it comes to denim, what colors do you prefer?

(Photos from Levi's and Martin + Osa)


Black, gray, white, faded, dark, medium, light, even bleached — you can find jeans in so many colors and washes anymore, and don't get me started on all the cuts, styles, and lengths.

Alyson over at Unruly Things says, "hip, hip, hooray!" for these new deep black sheen Levi jeans. Joslyn at Simple Lovely is tryin' out some distressed and faded Martin + Osa jeans.

Generally, I tend toward a dark blue denim, but I do love both these color choices. I find I'm pretty open minded about my denim these days. It really feels like anything goes in jean colors and washes — as long as it's not acid washed.

When it comes to jeans, do you have a color preference?

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