Pretty Pompadour: Get Your Hair Out of Your Face

Marion Cotillard pompadour

Photo by Nick Sadler/Startraks courtesy of InStyle

Marion Cotilliard is just adorable. She's starring opposite Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. Lucky girl -- did you see the promos? Lots of love scenes.

PS: Marion is the name of one of Sarah Jessica Parker's twins!

Here she is looking so summery cute on the red carpet. That hair! Perfectly off the face for summer.

I am so jealous of her gorgeous skin.

So how can you get the pompadour look?


You can tease the underside of the hair, then smooth top layer over, yes. But InStyle has another way to get the look without making a bird's nest of your locks.

Lift the top layer of your hair and insert a Bumpit, then place the layer of hair over the comb to camouflage it.

Check out this look and more beauty tips at InStyle.

Do you like the pompadour look?

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