Can Women Over 30 Wear the Lauren Conrad Braid?

I just finally finished watching Season 5 of The Hills, and as much as I wanted to hate that season's hairstyle, I'm obsessing on the "Lauren Conrad side braid." I love the look of that cute little braid, and it's an easy way to spice up everyday hair.

But then my almost-9-year-old niece showed up on Father's Day wearing the LC braid, and I started to question whether I could pull it off at my age.


Lauren is very into keeping a standard signature look each season of The Hills or so it seems. She wore head scarves a lot for awhile and then there was the recurring black headband. And now it's all kinds of braids.

Cafe MicheleZ shows us a sneaky way to get the cute little braid look.

And I found this very helpful tutorial: How To: The Lauren Conrad Braid.

But tell me, can women over 30 get away with the Lauren Conrad braid?

Are you planning to read Lauren Conrad's new book L.A. Candy or shop Lauren's new clothing line at Kohl's come October?

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