Fake Bob: Great Look, Easy to Do!

fake bob Lauren Conrad

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty

I treated myself to a pedicure last weekend and while there I got my fill of lady magazines. Glamour, with Sandra Bullock all cute on the cover, had a piece on how to achieve the fake bob. They even giggled since it's one "o" away from fake boob. I did, too.

But you can a fake bob without a lot of money and no scissors required -- all you need are some hair pins. OK, a little patience, too.


If you have long straight hair and want a wavy look like Lauren Conrad, first either set your hair in rollers or curl with a curling iron. PS: We so love the many looks of Lauren Conrad here at Daily Buzz!

When ready, tousle hair so curls look natural.

--They key is to take the ends of your hair and pin them under to create the look of a bob.

--If your hair is very long, you may need to first roll up the ends, either in small or large circles, then pin closest to scalp. 

--I found it was best to start in the middle of the back of the head, taking about the same amount of hair you would use when curling with rollers or an iron.

--You want to roll hair under and secure with two bobby pins, preferably in an x to hold it in place.

--Don't worry if you have layers and some strands hang lower -- I think the slightly messy look works really well here.

--You may want to secure with a light hairspray.

Fake bob -- really cute and great for the summer to give your neck some air.

What do you think of the fake bob look?

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