This Summer's Must-Have

patterned women's rain boots

Photo from Sears

Nomad Women's Yippy, $48.95

Rain boots! If it's gonna rain all summer long (as I'm predicting it will), a girl might as well look stylish.


Rubber boots will keep your feet nice and dry and there are a lot of pretty cute ones out there—from basic black to tie dye.

I wore a pair with a cocktail dress to a fancy outdoor event this past weekend. There were tents, but no flooring, so all the other guests ruined their nice shoes in the muddy grass.

rain boots

Photo from Target

Zetta Tall Rain Boots



rain boots

Photo from DSW

Kamik Bohemia Waterproof Rain Boot



rain boots

Photo from Walmart

Shiny Dot Rain Boots


Do you have a pair of rain boots? What are they like? Which of these is your favorite?

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