Easy Updo for Moms on the Go

From Goody

If you have long hair, chances are you put it up in a ponytail quite often. I know I find elastics all over the house when I do a clean and there are hair clips in every bag I have (even the beach bags put away for the season)! Sometimes I get sick of the same look, but I learned an easy trick for a super cute updo.

  • Pull the hair into a pony at the back of your neck.
  • Twist hair in downward position for about two inches, then pull up and clip twisted hair underneath with something like Goody's Stay Put Half Claw.
  • The rest of your hair will drape over or spray out.
  • You can try this style higher on your head if you like by pulling hair back closer to the ears instead of neck.

Have short hair that won't fit into a ponytail? Add hair accessories that have some flair!

You can even add these to long hair styles and share with your daughter! Cute, right?

Do you have any other easy updo suggestions? Share!

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