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Too Dark Foundation = Sun-Kissed Glow

Have you ever bought a foundation that was a little too dark? Well, you now have a use for it!

This video from Cosmo shows that if you mix your moisturizer with a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone, you can get that sun-kissed glow without sacrificing your health!

I personally look way better when I have a little color but definitely don't want to risk those UV rays! And, come to think of it, I do have a foundation that's too dark stashed somewhere. I will definitely be making some homemade bronze cream this weekend!

Do you look better with or without a tan (real or faux)? If faux, what products do you use?

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auror... aurorabunny

They SO did not just advise people to use too dark foundation as a bronzer...

I hope you know that no one is going to pull it off correctly and you may have spawned what will probably look like an invasion of Ooompha loomphas. :)

bella... bella69147

As a contour maybe. But if it is a tinted moisturizer, maybe it would look much more natural.

ivans... ivansmom07

I was born tanned =)

Lumin... LuminousMom

No way Aurora- it works like a charm. I actually mix my foundation with bare minerals bronzer and you just lightly sponge it onto the areas of your face the sun would hit... cheekbones, bridge of nose, hairline. I never look like an oompa loompa and it gives me (white as a sheet no matter what time of the year) a healthy glow.

If done properly, which it doesn't take a brain surgeon to do, it can look gorgeous! Now if you smoothed it all over your face.. yeah that would be a mess. But the key is blending and using sparingly and only on places you naturally would tan. Trust me, it works. If I looked stupid (or orange), my family and friends would tell me.

coppe... copperswifey

I'm Italian and I have an olive complexion so I don't have to worry about that stuff lol :)

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