Beauty Products Under $20! All Made By a Mom!

I was testing out c.Booth's Honey & Almond Body Butter and I'm really loving the scent and how it made my dry hands feel silky smooth. Then I thought...hey, a mom made this! Colleen Booth is a mom to a 15-year-old son named Cameron and a 13-year-old daughter named Bailey. She's also a skin care specialist who felt it was about time that high quality products were affordable. Nothing is over $20! Colleen is like Superman! Turns out, she thinks so, too!


Photo from Colleen Booth

Cafe MicheleZ: You're a mom and an entrepreneur. A mom-trepreneur! How did you do it?

Colleen Booth: Lot's of asking for HELP! You really have to get to a point where if you don't ask for help then everything can fall to pieces. Most of my family lives in another state so a lot of the time I ask for help from the moms of the kids' friends to help...or I'll take off for a part of the day to do those things, then work late into the night. My husband and I do a lot of splitting between the two children. Stan will make the trip to the book store with Cameron and I'll go to cheer with Bailey. That helps a lot.

CM: What are the three most important beauty products that you cannot live without?

CB: I LOVE my c.Booth Derma Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Cleanser it's as good or better than any fancy department store brand. I also love Chanel Double Perfection Powder and Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara.

CM: Complete this sentence: If I were a beauty product I would be....

CB: Face scrub! No doubt about it. Everyone needs to exfoliate!

CM: You say your 4-in-1 body lotion performs like a superhero. What superhero best describes you and why? 

CB: Superman...because I am  mild-mannered, good, strong, and I love to help others. And I sometimes wear black glasses, like Clark Kent. LOL.

CM: What product in the c. Booth line is your kids' favorite?

CB: My daughter LOVES all the products from the c.Booth Skin Below The Chin collection in the Spun Sugar scent. Bailey uses the Spun Sugar Dry Oil Spray as a daily perfume. She loves that it moisturizes and leaves behind her favorite scent. My son loves the c.Booth Rosemary Mint Triple Action Bath, Shower & Hair Wash. He says the smell makes him feel really clean. And of course he loves the fact that he can wash his hair and body with ONE product! That's a guy for ya!  

CM: What is your favorite scent?

CB: I'm loving the scent of my c.Booth Original Bath & Body Oil. It has a delicate hint of musk, powder, and sandalwood. A customer once wrote to us saying that her boyfriend told her he loved when she wore it, that she smelled like a "goddess"! I thought that described it perfectly. 

Thanks Colleen for the fun interview. By the way, the c.Booth Original Bath & Body Oil has been a best-seller for the past five goddesses are everywhere!

c.Booth products are available online at Walgreens, Ulta, and Visit Delicious Brands to find a store near you.

Let's continue the game, shall we?

If you were a beauty product, what would you be and why?


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