Eco- and Budget-Friendly Jewelry

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Photo from Kumvana Gomani

Whenever I don't want to buy new clothes until I lose five (ten, fifteen ...) pounds, I buy accessories instead. They make me feel better, plus they instantly turn one of my outdated, boring outfits (say, jeans and a T-shirt) into something trendy and compliment-worthy.

Right now, I'm loving the jewelry designs of Kumvana Gomani. They're not only unique, they're affordable (and eco-friendly)!

These blue Stockholm Earrings are handmade from recycled plastic, $20.



eco-friendly bracelet

Photo from Kumvana Gomani

Francophiles will dig this toile wth a twist cuff. It's made of reclaimed vinyl records (that's what we played music on before CDs), $25. It's also available in black with a white design. You can get a thinner band bracelet for $15.


eco-friendly necklace

Photo from Kumvana GomaniI sream

I scream, you'll scream, we'll all scream for this chic "Ice Cream" necklace, $20, which was handmade from recycled ice cream containers. There's a pretty three-strand version for $40


eco-friendly earrings

Photo from Kumvana Gomani

Who knew recycled aluminum could be so beautiful? That's what these playful Midsummer Cluster earrings were made from, $10.


eco-friendly necklace

Photo from Kumvana Gomani

This sophisticated Sno leaf necklace is a splurge at $78, but no two are alike. The necklace is delicately hand cut from recycled soda and water bottles. It looks almost wedding-worthy to me. A simpler version goes for $35.


All of these items and other gorgeous (and eco-friendly) jewelry designs from Kumvana Gomani are available at Inhabitat.


What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

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