How to Wear a Headscarf in the Summer

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I love wearing scarfs as headbands in the summer! They're great for keeping hair back and out your face on those hot days, and they do wonders for a bad hair day.


To get this cute look you can either buy a headband hair scarf like this one from Garlands Of Grace on ($10.99). Or you can make your own using a light, summery square scarf. Here's how to do it:


  1. Style hair as desired—up or down is fine (mine is usually in a tangled ponytail/bun mess). 
  2. Fold square into a triangle.
  3. Roll scarf from long edge of triangle end towards the tip of the triangle so it becomes a long thick rectangular band. Vary thickness of the band depending on the day: If it's a bad hair day, I usually go for as thick as possible so most of my hair is covered.
  4. Place center of band at forehead.
  5. Tie a knot under hair at the nape of neck.

How do you wear hair scarfs in the summer?


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