This Self Tanner Fights Cellulite

self tanner fights cellulite

Photo from Sephora

I need this. A self tanner that fight cellulite. And it's all natural. No bad stuff. Genius. Here's the bad news: It's $40.

I may need to splurge. My legs are so pale they are translucent.


Tarte's CelluFight is what Sephora describes as a "hydrating, gradual self tanner powered by a clinically proven anti-cellulite complex."

It works on all skin tones, is made of plant and bio-nutrient extracts, helps blood flow, and won't make you orange! It has no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dye, fragrance, formaldehyde, or any of that bad stuff.

Have you tried Tarte's CelluFight yet? What do you think of its claims? Worth a shot, even for the money?

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