DIY Style: Turn a Skirt into a Dress

skirt as dress, long skirt, DIY style

Photo by farmer meg

Can't wear long dresses or skirts? Well, check out Megan here of megpie vintage. She's gone and fashioned a long skirt into an adorable short and strapless dress.


I love this look! And it's great news for me cause I'm short. Now there's a way to take advantage of all those long skirts with adorable patterns in the thrift stores. Add a belt and go.

I do imagine, you have to be choosy about which skirt to try with this look, however. If it gets too bunchy at the waist, it could be a nightmare. Go for skirts made from lighter fabrics and try not to get skirts that are too oversized for your frame. Elastic waist seems best, too, in terms of fitting it up around your bust.

Thanks, Megan. Great idea.

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