Bleached Jeans: Like 'Em or Not?

bleached jeans tie dye jeans

Photo from Chick Downtown

Rihanna, Fergie, and Gwen Stefani have all been spotted rocking bleached jeans lately. Like a lot of eighties looks, they've been making a comeback in a big way.


Bleached, distressed, and tie-dyed jeans first appeared on the runway in Balenciaga's Fall 2007 collection and showed up again in the Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2008 show and on the Balmain Spring 2009 runway. Needless to say, those designers and the Current/Elliot jeans, which Gwen favors, will cost you a pretty penny.

The Divine Rights of Denim Tie Dye Skinny Jeans, pictured here, go for $65 at Chick Downtown.

You can probably very easily make your own pair of bleach-spattered jeans. Just take an old pair of jeans, some Clorox, and voila—you'll be sporting the season's hottest trend. If you want to go shorter, bleached shorts are just as hot.

What do you think of bleached jeans? Would you wear them?

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