Crumbling Deodorant: Here's What to Do

It's inevitable. Just when I'm about halfway through my stick of solid deodorant, it starts to crumble into bits, making a huge mess of my clothes, my bathroom, etc.

A very minor problem, yes, but one that I find highly annoying. Apparently, Bellasugar has a similar issue...and a DIY solution to the problem of the crumbling deodorant...


Instead of throwing out the crumbly deodorant, collect the crumbled bits and place them back on top of the stick. Then slip a cutoff foot from a pair of nylon panty-hose over the top of the stick, twist tight, and secure with a rubber-band. Good as new!

Do you have any makeshift solutions for broken beauty products? Do you have any creative uses for panty-hose (besides wearing them, of course!)?

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