Pretty Parasol to Shield the Sun

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Photo from Boss Hog


Years ago the band Boss Hog had a self titled album and the cover was of a woman in black with an umbrella.

I loved this image so much -- as well as the band who was made up of Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer. And it always made me want to sport a pretty parasol on sunny days, just to shield out the sun. And I don't mean at the beach -- this sun shielding, hand held umbrella would be for walking around your neighborhood. Kind of like the shield they have on strollers, only this one is for you. 


Some people may find this excessive, but others really need extra protection from the sun's rays, even more than what sunscreen can provide.

And I have to admit, some of these parasols are really pretty.

Parasol Passion has some really stylish (and sun shielding) ones.

There's the affordable Medium Sized Floral Chinese Cloth & Bamboo Parasol in Ivory ($10.99) and the oh so chic (and expensive) Fabulous Pagoda Style Umbrellas ($95).

parasolpagoda umbrella











Do you use a sun shielding parasol?

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